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The terms and conditions are the set of rules that are set for use of our website, Public Forums and
the other services used on any platforms that are provided by TMG Security.

The Terms and Conditions are for those users who are accessing our website. The terms and
conditions as well as our privacy policy page or any other rules that are published on our platform
describes the responsibilities and relationship of a user with our website and services.

By using our platform and services you are agreeing to be confined to the terms and conditions of
this agreement and any other terms that are updated from time to time. The policies and terms are made
available for you to understand how we are handling your data.

If you don’t approve of these terms and conditions, then please do not use our platform or services
through any medium.

Access and Registration

To access our platform your age must be above 18 or if your age lies between 13-18 then you should
have your guardian’s permission to use our platform. By accessing our platform by any means, it
reflects to us that you have got the required permission that is required to access our platform. If you
are under age then you won’t be allowed to access our platform or any kind of services that are
provided by our platform.

To access our content, you need to first register yourself on our website providing your email,
password and other details that are required. You have to provide payment information to access
certain courses and you can check our payment and refund page for more clarity. You can go
through our privacy policy page to understand how we are going to handle your data. By
registering yourself on our platform you meet all the requirements that are needed to access our
platform and you agree to inform us if there is any kind of changes to be made to the information
that is provided to you while registering on our platform.

When you enroll yourself in any course you get access to the discussion forum where you can share
your ideas, ask your doubts and share your thoughts and reviews. It’s your choice if you want to use
our public forum or not by registering yourself in our course you are not bound to participate in our
public forums. We have all the rights to remove your content from our public forum without giving
you notice if your content disobeys this agreement.

To access our platform, you need to meet the system and other suitable requirements on which you
are authorized to access our platform and services. Please make sure the device you are using
is compatible with any system or software so that you don’t face any problems while accessing
courses on our platform.

License to Use our services

This license does not give you the rights:

1. To download any course videos from our website.

2. To modify, copy or edit the contents that are published on our website.

3. To publicly display our content on any public platform or use it for any commercial purpose.

4. To remove owners’ notation or the copyright from the contents and courses or any other materials that are made available on our website.

5. Transfer or ‘mirror’ our materials on other servers.

All points include audio files, video files, audio-visual files, images, and text materials that are uploaded on our platform.

This license may terminate by us if you disobey any of the restriction

Code of Conduct

By accessing our platform, you agree with the following points:

Legal use of our platform and services:

By accessing our platform agree to follow all the laws and conditions that are mentioned. You
are not allowed to use our services or our platform if you violate any kind of laws and conditions.

You agree too not to use our platform for any kind of illegal activities or damage, disrupting our
platform like hacking our platform or compromising others’ accounts, etc.

No harmful or dangerous content:

Any content that sets up or encourages violence that may cause physical or emotional harm or
may lead to any kind of risk to the safety of an individual is restricted on our platform. The platform
can only be used under the permissions mentioned in our agreement.

No hateful content:
We understand that many people will have different thoughts, views, and opinions about our
platform. But we won’t tolerate any kind of hate comments or statements that are abusive, violent
, greedy or any comment that points to a specific group or individual with respect to cast, religion
, gender, etc.

Harassment or bullying or spamming:
We won’t tolerate any form of harassment or bullying on our Platform and we attempt to keep the
Platform a safe space for our customers.

Posting unwanted and repetitive content, comments, or messages with the intention to spam a
Public Forum to redirect the traffic from the Platform to other third-party sites is in direct abuse of
this Agreement. Posting links to external websites with malware and other prohibited sites is not

Privacy violation: Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy page on our platform to know how to protect
your privacy and how to respect the privacy of other users.

Unauthorized Access or Disabling of Platform:
You agree not to:
Disable or damage our platform or interfere with other users’ services to our platform.
Not to copy any material from our platform for any unauthorized access.
Create a DOS attack on our platform.
Inject any kind of virus, worms, malware, etc into our platform
Gaining unauthorized access or disrupting any database of our platform.


If you share your views, comments, questions, or ideas on our platform through feedback or
through the public forum you give us the right to use, modify, reproduce or publish them. You would
not have a creative property right in any Content, Platform, or any part.


Payments and Refunds

To enroll in any course, you need to pay some fees according to the course price. Please refer
to our course page to see the price. Payments are processed through third-party payment processors.
Once a course is purchased we cannot cancel or refund the course fees.


Links to Third Party Website

The creator of this platform has not reviewed all of the sites linked with this Platform and is not
responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The addition of any link does not imply
approval by the Creator of such site. Use of any linked website on our page is at your own risk.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any claim relating to our Platform shall be governed by the laws of the Creator’s home
jurisdiction without regard to its conflict of law arrangement. You agree, as we do, to submit to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Creator’s home jurisdiction.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding this Agreement, you may write to us at
[email protected]